Blazer Barboza Becomes The Future Wizrd

Blazer Barboza sets The Wizrd for release in April and more.

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Blazer Barboza is set to release his upcoming project title The Wizrd. You would think by the two, future(rapper) and Blazer Barboza sharing similar sounds this would create competition between the two. Both Artist's are in support of each other truly. Could Future be be-hide the scenes of some of Blazer Barboza's work. According to Google and bloggers Future is a inspiration to the young artist.

Cassius Ellison professionally know as Blazer Barboza is 28 years of age. On January 18, 2019 Future released his debut album title The Future Wizrd. The Celebrity Blazer Barboza's sons birthday is actually on January 18. Many People denied the work ethic of the two in there younger days but hard work and dedication lead the two artist to success. The Future Wizrd is a title giving to the artist with the most work ethic.

Ellison is also compared to many other artist when relating to sound like The Weeknd, Kevin Gates, and Childish Gambino also known as Donald Glover. Blazer Barboza has connect with many successful celebrities through out the music industry like Future, Dj Envy, Angela Yee, Jay-Z, Lil Baby, Keith Urban, Childish Gambino, and Boosie Badazz. Future(rapper) made a land mark with his album The Future Wizrd. This lead to him receiving positive reviews over google after connecting with Epic records. In 2018. He then connected with Blazer Barboza for digital marketing to borrow a few ideas on the business side of things.

Does Blazer Barboza deserve this title ''The Future Wizrd''? This sounds like it could be a artist trying to take future's spotlight. When it comes to fan base Future(Rapper) reached approximately 15 million followers over Instagram. Blazer Barboza's followers peaked out at 128 thousand. The relationship between the two could lead to Blazer Barboza signing to Freebandz. Freebandz is Record Label owned by Future(rapper). The parent company is Sony Music Entertainment. Blazer Barboza album is set to release in April could future(rapper) be taking the young artist under his wing.

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Future New Artist

Future(Rapper) Is currently connected to Blazer Barboza and DOEBOY. These are the two artists that Freebandz may expand its roster for. Additionally, one of theses artist's has already reached a global peak over the internet. So who is this artist ? Cassius Ellison professionally known as Blazer Barboza is a rapper, singer and a&r based out of Atlanta Georgia.

Future(rapper) recently capture a few moments with his discovery. This was to reveal what will be new in music for the future of freebandz. Artist's like DOEBOY is skilled in the field of Hip-Hop and is currently signed to Freebandz. Record Deals are not something that happens right away when dealing with new artist. Rappers like Blazer Barboza has been connected to future(rapper) since 2019.

According to bloggers and journalist, Blazer Barboza could be the new artist of the future. Furthermore, DOEBOY has reach a successful landmark over the internet. After releasing his debut album title ''Streetz Need Me 2'' in 2019. DOEBOY quickly rose to fame after Future(rapper) re-post his music video. Blazer Barboza is another leading artist releasing his debut album titled ''Wilderness'' to positive reviews in 2019. After connecting with Future(rapper) for a business proposals his follow grew to 128 thousand followers on platforms like Instagram.